NORWICH TERRIER - Alta Carya FCI Kennel from Poland Kennel philosophy Breeding dogs consists not only of lovely puppies, succesful shows and exciting travels. Breeding dogs means first of all everyday work with dogs and for dogs - feeding, cleaning, walking. Here comes the time when the beauty of our dogs and assurance of their owners that everything is ok is not enough. During all those years we could watch our dogs growing - those dogs we have bought and those which we have created. The experience teaches us that not all dogs are born excellent healthy and perfectly beautiful. It is a breeder's duty to make all kind of efforts to learn as much as possible about his/her dogs and their pros and cons. We understand that deepened knowledge about our breed and its problems is very useful for responsible choices of combinations. Why do we test our dogs about hip displasia and patellar luxation? The answer is obvious: to gain knowledge about the health of our dogs in order to be a reponsible breeder. We can explain it even more simple: before you open the box it is difficult to guess what is inside. Not all dogs show that something hurts. What's more: not all observators are experienced enough to discover the health problem. That's why it is risky to relay only on our own observations. In this aim we use knowledge of vet specialists, who can test our dogs in reliable way. Please note: not all vets are able to test dogs about hip displasia and patellar luxation. Only few of them in Poland are qualified by Polish Kennel Club for testing and signing documents. Our dogs are tested by vet specialist dr Jan Siembieda (Surgeon Cathedra and Hospital at Veterinary Department of Agricultural Academy in Wrocław). The health documentation of our dogs is available for our customers. We would like to underline that since we have decided to test our dogs we breed dogs only with results HD-A and PL-0. These results mean free of disorder, in perfect condition and make possible to almost exclude disease in next generation. Also it is important to note that tests about hip displasia and patellar luxation - due to rules of Polish Kennel Club - are not obligatory for cairn terriers and norwich terriers. Probably that's why we are the only one breeders of cairn terriers and norwich terriers in Poland who are testing health of the dogs. Our dogs are free from epilepsy. All puppies from our kennel are sold with birth certificates which are basis to issue pedigree from Polish Kennel Club (also export pedigree). Buyers of our puppies are able to see original documents concerning parents of the puppies: - pedigrees, - diplomas, - health results, - opinions, - certificate of mating, - certificate of litter, - birth certificate - and healthbook (or passport). When you buy a puppy from our kennel you will get: - Export pedigree, - passport and healthbook with vaccinations and deworming information, - copies of parents' pedigrees and diplomas, health results, - full information about feeding, rais

Owner: Joanna
Location: Aleksandrow Lodzki Poland, AB
Breed: Norwich Terrier
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