Tornjak kennel ZLATNA SAPA

Puppies of breed TORNJAK for sale. Puppies are almost two month old and ready for new owners. This litter is of an extra quality, father of puppies is GORD ZAGREBAÄŒKI BISERI, and mother is MILA. Parents have extra results on dog shows (CH-HR, CH-HU, EW' 08, EW' 10). Puppies have pedigree of Croatian Kennel Club that has international acknowledgement from FCI. Puppies have been cleaned 4 times of all parasites, vaccinated against diseases, tatooed and they have a chip. With puppies you get a purchase agreement (which guarantees pedigree and health of puppies) and a passport. Tornjak is very interesting breed which is suitable for most of people. It is a breed of immense love towards its children (several little neighbors have walked with help of MILA, mother of puppies, holding on to her fur). They are very tolerant dogs. They are used as therapeutic dogs as well. They are very appreciated as guardians of home. It is a breed which does not aquire much care (they need to be brushed only once a week). With their family they like to go on trips (they like to walk, swim, climb, run next to bycicles), but if you are not in possibility to walk with them, they wouldn't miss it because they are satisfied with their little yard and small walk in the neighborhood. It's a breed that has no medical difficulities and they have really long lifetime ( wich is not the case with other big breeds).

Owner: Borna Sačerić
Breed: Tornjak
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