Chocolate Great Danes

Breeders of AKC & CKC chocolate great danes as well as dilute chocolate, chocolate merle, chocolate harlequin, chocolate mantle, chocolate fawn & recessive chocolate Danes. ~~ Chocolate Danes can be Service & Therapy K-9. Chocolate Danes can compete in Agility, Rally and Obedience. Chocolate Great Danes are loving, beautiful, healthy and make wonderful companions. ~~ Chocolate Danes can be solid chocolate, chocolate harlequin aka choclequin, chocolate merle and even chocolate brindle. ~~ Chocolate Danes have been around since the mid-60's and a chocolate brindle was even shown in 1971, however, she was eventually disqualified for not having the black nose required for a "standard" brindle. (For a chocolate, her markings were correct.) ~~ It is a known fact, a dog is pure colour bred if it is "clean" of other colours in the pedigree for 5 generations and that is exactly what the goal of our breeding program is. Let's not forget that the mantle and harlequin were not always "accepted" breed standard colors. ~~ For the show and breed standard breeders who say I don’t know what I’m doing, "You have your opinion and I respect your right to be wrong."

Owner: Kay Roush
Location: Schulenburg, TX
Breed: Great Dane
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