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What Makes Our Dogs Different? Genetically Different Breed Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles are the smallest rare breed hound in existence. They are the only actual 'pocket beagle' breed. By contrast there are a number of people breeding standard beagles that are smaller than average and they are calling them 'pocket beagles'. AKC recognizes those as 13 inch beagles as they are genetically still a standard beagle. I am Rebecca VanMeter, founder of Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles, and I am going to explain what makes our dogs uniquely different as the only breed of pocket beagle. Less Inherent Beagle Defects Some of our beagles are maturing under ten pounds. They were bred down in size through several generations of miniaturization in an out-crossed beagle line. That heritage produced colors and patterns never before seen in the standard beagles. Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles are a classified as different beagle breed and have been and may be shown as such, once registered with the IABCA. An out-crossed dog has a wider gene pool to draw from, and this is good as Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles have exhibited less inherent beagle defects than the standard beagle, making them healthier. Predictably Smaller Size Our teacup size is 6 to 15 lbs. Our toy size is 15 to 25 lbs. compared to a standard beagle which is typically 25 to 50 lbs. This means if you get a 'pocket beagle' puppy actually from 13-15 inch lines, you will sometimes get a puppy that throws back to the larger size. That's one of the reasons we don't advertise by height....our perception of teacup size is based on actual mass: overall size, which weight reflects most closely. There are long-legged or short legged standard beagles for instance that vary greatly in size ....up to 20 lbs. variation can occur under one height category. The only safe way to know you are getting a small dog is to go by actual weight of the parents measured against our careful weight comparisons of other pups from related litters. More House-pet than Hunter Another difference in our dogs is the temperament we breed for. Our beagles were created to be housepets. They would much rather be in the house on the sofa with you! They get most of their exercise just running about your home. They are less vocal, making them better apartment dogs, and are smart to house-train! Very little shedding if kept as inside pet. They don't have as strong prey-drive, so that means they aren't so determined to get outside and run the fields as a 'pocket beagle' from standard hunting beagle lines. Best Companion Beagle You know 'what's different' now. But 'what's the same' in our breed is the best! The Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle is the same soft-eared, loving eyed companion you were hoping to find in your choice of puppy. Maybe you had a beagle before? Then this breed will not disappoint you. Its characteristic beagle devotion remains unsurpassed as a good family dog.

Owner: Rebecca VanMeter
Location: McDonald, TN
Website: http://www.queensbeagle.com
Breed: Beagle
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