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We are a small hobby breeder raising beautiful well rounded schnauzer companions for your family. Health and temperament are very important to us. All our puppies are born in our home and given daily attention. We paper train all our puppies to give you a head start on house breaking. We raise all colors including rare liver and parti. We also have some AKC champion lines to maintain the highest standards in quality in our lines. We also participate in APRI dog shows with our dogs. We have 5 children therefore all our puppies are kids proof when they leave our home. There isn't a dog here that hasn't played dress up with our girls at least once. We have teacup, toy, miniature and giant size schnauzers. All our dogs are on NuVet Plus Supplement. All our dogs are doggy door trained, they can go in and out of the heated and cooled "Doggy House" as they please. They have large play yards that they run and play with each other and the kids daily, they also enjoy playing in their kiddie pool during the summer. The "doggy house" is divided into 3 areas. The girls are in one large play yard, the boys are in one and the teenagers are in the other. All pregnant girls and puppies are in the house with me. If you are looking for a lifetime friend, then you have come to the right place.

Owner: Amanda Hulett
Location: Vilonia, AR
Website: http://www.schnauzerkids.com
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
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