Hinesonhaus Reg'd German Shepherds Of Distinction

Hinesonhaus Reg'd German Shepherds Of Distinction. Here at Hinesonhaus we strive for perfection and our purpose is to produce a superior german shepherd that is not only genetically but structurally sound. Our dog's are not over angulated and have exquisite conformation, very loving temperaments and are from proven bloodlines. If you want quality it does come at a price so we have catered to discriminating buyers for over 30 years and have built a list of excellent clientelle and references. We have also established a great reputation for raising our dog's in our home as family members, literally our fur kids. Our puppies are available in red sables, grey sables, black sables, black & tan, black & red, bi-color & black. Normal coat, plush coat & long coat. We have puppies available and adults occasionally also we have stud service available to approved females. Located in Bonville, just outside of St Andrews West which is just outside of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Visit our site http://www.hinesonhausqualitygsds.ca or call 613-936-6233

Owner: D. Hineson
Location: St Andrews West, ON
Website: http://www.hinesonhausqualitygsds.ca
Breed: German Shepherd
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